Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back to blogging....almost....


Obviously I have been MIA for approximately 6 months...yaaaa sorry about that. You see, I started studying for this thing called the CPA Exam. Certified Public Accountant. Am I in public accounting? NO. Do I do accounting/finance on a daily basis? NOT REALLY. What I am doing? LOSING MY MIND. Haha. Kidding--well sort of.

In all seriousness, the CPA Exam is without a doubt the most time consuming evil thing I have ever studied for in my entire 23 year long life. It consists of four exams, all which you must pass in a 1 1/2 years time--OR they start expiring on you. Terrible right? I thought so too. And believe me...I've heard some horror stories of this. What I'm trying to say is, CPA Exam + job + husband + attempting to keep a clean house (I'm not even going to  pretend "clean" is a term that often describes our place) = no time for blogging :(

The good news? I'M HALF WAY DONE! I have officially passed two parts of the exam! That's right, go me. One step closer to being able to do YOUR taxes. Kidding, I don't even do my own (Morgan does...hehe). I sit for my third exam this Friday (blog post=productive procrastination) and will hopefully take the final one in August. Post August (or perhaps sooner), blog should be back in full force!

Potential posts to come......
-I work for a new company!!! (sort of )
-Traveling up the West Coast
-Minnesota Family Reunion
-CPA complaining, what I do best.
-Pinterest projects--yes I've done a few!
-New Home Improvements
-UK Trip in the Fall
-and much, much more....

Until then, toodle-loo!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Germany. Austria. The Netherlands.

Guten Tag!

So as y'all all know, I got to travel to Hamburg, Germany for work in November. Let me tell ya, it was AWESOME. I probably have one of the coolest jobs ever. I really don't know many people that get to travel abroad on the company's dime within 4 months of starting work--insane! Anyhow, I had a really fantastic time, and learned a ton. The audit was a lot of work, but there was also a lottttt of play :) (would you expect anything less?!?!)

Here are some of my top memories from the trip in no particular order.

1. Goofy bathroom signs. Oh excuse me, "toilet" or "WC" signs. That's the water closet for those of you who have lived in Texas your whole lives (i.e. ME prior to 4 weeks ago).

2. Canals. These are everywhere! Hamburg is quite the canal city (though obviously not as well known as Amsterdam or Venice). I loved walking by these everyday. Pictured is a lovely one from Amsterdam.

3. Freezing cold weather. Ya, this I did not particularly enjoy. It was actually quite bearable the first two weeks, but mannn was that last week brutal! I'm pretty sure it did not get above freezing, like ever. 

4. Beer. I told you this was in no particular order (cause this would probably be #1...lets be honest). Now y'all know I'm a wine drinker..."MOST" of the time. I'm telling you though, the beer over there is aaa--mazinggg. SOO much better than the crap we have over here! The Hofbrauhaus was probably my favorite beer experience. Perfect combination of quantity and quality. Here is one of the many liter beers I managed to down during the trip.

5. First class. Ok, first class domestic...not bad. Internationally? INCREDIBLE. I had the best time. I really don't enjoy flying too much normally, but 10 hrs in first class with unlimited food, drink, and movies!?!?!--yess please! I love you ConocoPhillips!

6. Trains. I love trains! We took a sleeper train to Amsterdam...such an interesting and fun experience! When we got in the car, we already had 4 other guests in our cabin sound asleep! So awkward, haha. On the way back to Hamburg, we took the regular train and I really really enjoyed all the countryside scenery. Such a neat way to travel. America-- (the South in particular) you need to jump on the bandwagon! :)

7. Shopping. You ALL knew this would be on the list. Ok, the shopping in Europe takes the cake. Hamburg, Vienna, and Amsterdam all had incredible shopping. Hamburg has some of the nicest I have ever seen. Really affluent lovely area! Alsterhaus is a local department store over there and is AMAZING! It was by far my favorite. The top floor had champagne, tea, olive oil, and caviar bars--just to name a few! Not to mention all the amazing designers featured...and oh, the SHOES! I could have bought every boot in the store!

8. Pretty buildings. I realize this is the lamest name possible for some of the world's greatest sights/architecture, but works! I'll let the pictures do this one justice. 
Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Hamburg's Town Hall

Amsterdam Central

9. Leaves. Texas has two seasons. Warm, and less warm. Europe has four. Four AMAZING ones. I was there during one of the greatest---I'm totally convinced. All the leaves were absolutely breathtaking. I was so in love and wanted to take billions and billions of leaf pictures....and maybe kinda did :)

10. Horse and buggies. My mom and I got to take a horse and buggy tour around old town Vienna--it was AWESOME! I highly recommend this for anyone who ever visits there. We got to see some amazing things, and of course had some great pictures opps :)

I am sure there is more to tell...actually, of course there is more! BUT--these were the first 10 things that came to my mind, and therefore are my "top ten" memories...haha. Or something like that. If you wanna hear more, there are only about 500 pictures on my Facebook to look at. If you get bored of those, shoot me an email cause there are probably about another 200 more I didn't post on my computer I can send ya ;)

Cheers! (as they say in Hamburg)
....speaking of...I forgot! Champagne for breakfast--that was so legit too! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Blog updates two days in a row!??!?! Could it be? There is an easy explanation for this: MED SCHOOL EXAMS. My husband is taken over by these lovely little devils nearly once a month. This happens to be test week...and thus I have lots of "Christine" time. Instead of booking every friend I know for a happy hour or dinner, I've taken it a little easy this week and chilled at home. Anyhow, thats why I've posted two days in a row. Wish I was like that more often!

For this post I wanted to show y'all my newest creations/new found hobby....sewing pillows!!! I originally started sewing back in middle school but never really pursued it much. I pretty much mastered the art of PJ-pant making, made about 100 pairs, and called it quits after that. A) I had enough jams to last me a lifetime, and B) come high school, homemade PJ-pants were suddenly not near as cool as I had once thought....haha.

More recently I've discovered that "living" is expensive. Specifically, living with MY shopping habits is expensive (actually down right unaffordable). Pillows those suckers add up! Even at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.... Marshall's...whatever--they are still pricey! So, after reading some random tutorials online, I decided to make some pillows instead. I'm pretty picky on what I like, so I figured this was a fun and easy way to solve my problem.

Reader discretion advised: If you gag at the sight of ruffles, do not read further.


1) Bought 1 yard of fabric (any color/pattern) at Hobby Lobby. I got mine on sale for $3.99/yard. 1 yard will generally do the trick for an average size throw pillow.

2) Cut the fabric into two equal sized rectangles, slightly larger than your pillow form. If your pillow form is 10x10 for example, cut two 11x11 squares which gives you allowance for a 1/2 inch seem on all edges. 

3) Ruffle time! Get creative with this part (I still have a TON of ideas I want to try). To make your average ruffle, cut a strip of fabric about twice as long as you would like the ruffle to end up. Sew a seem straight down the middle, and pull on one thread when done to ruffle the fabric. Go slow and be careful to not break the thread (that really sucks) though! Here is what one will look like.

4) Once you get a bunch them on the pillow cut-out, and carefully sew down the middle of the ruffle to attach. The end result should look something like this.

5) Turn inside out and sew a 1/2 inch seem around three of the edges. Turn right side out, and stuff your form into the pillow case. Complete pillow by doing a whip stitch on the final edge (I'm really awful at this part). And tada! You have a new pillow :) Here is a picture of the two I have completed so far. 

These really are not very hard, I promise! I'm not a very good sewer at all (please don't inspect my work if you come over, haha) trust me, anyone can make them! I'm working on khaki and yellow ones next, so stay tuned for updates!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This is going to be an all picture post for the most part. The images say it all! Morgan and I without a doubt have some of the cutest pups in the entire WORLD! And they model for us on occasion.... ;)

Starting the photo shoot off with a classic head shot.

Workkkkk it Bailey, looking off into the distance like a natural. Sammie, clearly smiling with her eyes.

Getting a little tired--fantastic candid!

Mid-photo shoot snooze.

"Lean on me...when you're not strongggg!"

Is he not the cutest lil' thing ever?

Ow owwwww! Get a room guys!

And Bailey being sleepy again....notice what he is laying on (Sammie girl's tail)...awwww :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Back in B-ville for the week! I have a love/hate relationship with this little town. Let me give you a little background.

Starting with the love....rewind to fall 2008. I found out I got an internship with ConocoPhillips and would be interning (i.e. living) in Bartlesville, OK for the summer. What did my dad do? On his trip up to Nebraska, he detoured biiiiig time, drove through Bartlesville, took some pictures, bought me a gift, and went on his way. Now, I didn't find out about this little escapade until that Christmas when I opened an adorable scrapbook he had made for me. My dad was not the crafty must understand. So, instead of using regular tape...he used double-stick tape for the entire book! The whole thing was stuck together! It was the cutest thing ever. To this day I have that book by my bedside. The pictures aren't great, its falling apart a tad (though I did fix the tape situation), but I still LOVE it. What else do I love about B-ville? The amazing weather. No traffic. It's rich history. The people. The bakeries. And most importantly that you can take a stroll around town...and see MOST of the town!

Now for the hate...This list is short, well one item to be exact. Bartlesville is not Houston, and therefore is not where my husband, family, pups, and friends are. Hence the love/hate relationship. Oh, and no Mexican food. Well, no decent Mexican food at least. BIG PROBLEM. So I lied...two problems with B-ville.

So about those strolls around town....I know y'all are just dying to see this adorable place. So, let me introduce you to your tour guide, and let the tour begin!
oh hayyyyy.

Downtown Bartlesville. For real, this is it. It's ALL ConocoPhillips buildings--I bet you guessed that though. I usually work on the 15th floor of the Phillips Building, which is the tall one on the left. 

Your typical street in the 'ville.

I've always loved this wall. It reminds me a bit of one of the places Morgan and I took engagement pictures. I would love to get some cool shots in front of it! Too bad I'm usually alone when I walk

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Price Tower". He designed a couple sky-scrappers, yet this was the only one that was ever built--and in Bartlesville of ALL places! Nuts! This building does not have a single rectangular room...all are a hexagonal. Even the elevator, its the craziest thing! The tower is now a hotel and museum more or less.   There is also a bar on top :)

823 1/2 Dewey Street--Kate and I's home last summer. Isn't it presh? It's a bit deceiving from the outside, as the inside is more than rundown. Nonetheless, I miss this lil place.

St Johns Catholic Church--where Kate and I went to church last summer. The priest was from Nigeria...not what I expected when I walked in the first Sunday! One of our fellow interns also got married here last summer...good memories :)

On the left: The Phillips Hotel. It's one of those places that is old, but has no character. Its just plain OLD. Thank goodness the image on your right was built a year ago: The Hilton Garden Inn. I am currently laying in my plush King bed there, enjoying a cold diet coke (compliments of the private ConocoPhillips floor), and writing this blog. SO SO glad I'm not in the sketchy, haunted, ghetto, old, non-wireless Philips Hotel.

And to favorite bakery, The Rolling Pin! This place is fantastic, and it takes all my will power to not go there everyday after lunch to grab a brownie, coconut bar, or lemon bar. MMMMMMM

So that's B-ville! Next time im here, COME AND VISIT ME! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Improvement(s).

And a week later the blog is still going "strong" ?!? Alright, so maybe strong is a stretch, BUT don't give up on me yet! I managed to post 130+ days of nonsense pictures...I can DEFINITELY manage to write about 130+ nonsense topics, haha. Lets only hope....

So, now for your first useless topic you will read if you so decide to follow this lovely blog. I am going to give you a sneak peak into Morgan and I's newly renovated home. It's like HGTV quality stuff right here. Ok, so probably not that cool at all, but nonetheless, we have done a lot of new projects that we are super proud here it goes :)

We have a kitchen. I "try" and be domestic and cook. If you ever want to come over for a meal, I am really good at Top Raman, funfetti cookies, and turkey sandwiches. Got your food groups covered right there.

I LOVE these towels from Anthropologie. They seriously make me smile every time I go into the kitchen :) Too bad they don't motivate me to cook more....

And now we are in the living room/den/dining room/downstairs random space. This is one of our many "Micheletti"/"M" things around our new home. I'm slightly obsessed with personalizing things. All jokes aside though, sometimes I forget how to spell this monster of a name, so this sign helps ;)

This is without a doubt the coolest thing we have done to the house--and by we I mean Morgan. He built a dog cage for Sammie girl that goes into the wall! The other side is the garage, and the part that is her cage is used as a workbench. How cool is that!?!?! I totally doubted him on this one, but he SO pulled it off!

These two shelves were definitely my favorite things to decorate. I love the mixture of all the random stuff.

Our new sofa and loveseat!!! Tada!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. (yes I know we probably need a different coffee table...)

Hook 'em, yo. Ya, those are real horns baby. My siblings got them for Morgan and I for our wedding--sweetest gift ever. More importantly, it is worth noting that my degree hanging is a Masters...yes Morgan, I will have a higher degree than you for another 2.5 years, muhaha.

The almost complete bed. It looks tiny here but it is actually a King (SOOOO nice when Morgan snooress) Still need to make the headboard...I will post an update when it's done cause its gonna be legitttt.

Pretty flowers I arranged. I could do this crap all day.

The AMAZING bench/wall/flower bed Morgan built. He is quite the handyman--and believe me, I hate admitting he is good at things (well everything). As you can see it is wet at the bottom from the rain (FINALLY) we got this weekend--don't worry we aren't going for the camo look. Next up, FLOWERS!

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more exciting Morg-stine creations!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today was a longgggg day at work. Got lots done, learned a bunch, but a long day none the less. So, after work I decided to hit up the ConocoPhillips gym to burn off some steam before heading out. Our gym is right by our parking garage, and as you walk towards it there are lots of floor to ceiling windows. Most of these windows face the I-10 Eldridge exit, which on a normal day is quite an unimpressive view. Today though I was caught off-guard, for when I looked out the windows, I saw SMOKE. I thought, no way....I'm seeing things. I must be. Plus, I REALLY want to work out. So, I might as well go work out, and when I get back whatever nonsense I saw will be gone. Right? Right. Well it didn't take me long to get on a machine, turn on the news (or any channel for that matter), and notice the smoke was in fact for real. Wildfires in George Bush Park. Wow. So incredible close to work, to neighborhoods, to my friends HOMES. Needless to say, I didn't really finish my workout. 

We have all heard about all the wildfires out in in Austin and the surrounding areas. Even knowing soooo many people in never really hit me how scary these things are. When I pulled out of the ConocoPhillips garage today, this is the image I saw.

Definitely not a sight I hope to see everyday. Absolutely insane. When you all go to bed tonight, say a lil prayer for the homes and businesses in the Katy area, and for all the people that have suffered already out near Austin. Can you even imagine? I can't.